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15 Jul 2016

Sports Car Vinyl Graphics and Striping in West Palm Beach

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The Ford GT pays homage to the GT 40’s Le Mans winning vehicles of the 1960s. This sports car is a two-seater and completely street legal. Hitting the quarter-mile mark in 11.8 seconds, this vehicle is a favorite ride on West Palm Beach streets. When Marino Performance Motors contacted us to handle a project involving car vinyl graphics and striping in West Palm Beach FL, we were enthusiastic to get started.

Vehicle Graphics for a Premier Car Dealership

car vinyl graphics and striping in West Palm Beach FLLocated at 5403 North Haverhill Road, Marino Performance Motors is an exclusive dealership that specializes in Aston Martin, Bentley, and other sports cars. Occasionally, the company will add vehicle graphics to a car to bring out its sporty lines. Case in point is the yellow Ford GT we worked on. By adding a dual black strip with the make and model mark on the side, the customer will enjoy the visual emphasis on the car’s sleek curves. The attractive black on yellow display is a typical race feature, which adds to the beauty of the vehicle’s overall appearance.

Creating Striping and Graphics Packages for Private and Commercial Customers

car vinyl graphics and striping in West Palm Beach FLYou do not have to be a dealership owner or employee to enjoy the beauty that a well-designed striping package brings to a sports car. In fact, any vehicle type benefits from a visual enhancement that emphasizes lines, curves, and similar style elements. When you decide that it is time to see what we can do for your car, consider your options.

  • Model-specific displays. If you are a car guy (or gal), you know that there are model-specific presentations for stripes. For example, a Corvette Stinger look differs greatly from a Mustang dual racing stripe appearance. We can underscore your vehicle’s design with the right strip setup.
  • Hobbyist additions. No matter what make and model you drive, some displays are just universally cool. Cases in point are flame graphics and checkered flag images.
  • Striping. Adding a stripe to a car used to be an art form among car painting specialists. We can achieve the same look, for a lot less money than you would pay an artist, by installing single or double line stripes. Chain links and barbed wire images – in strip form – are popular right now as well.

Choosing the Right Car Vinyl Graphics and Striping in West Palm Beach FL

When you are ready to dress up a car you use in business, one you are selling, or simply your daily driver, we can help. Our vehicle graphics specialists routinely work with a broad range of sports cars, passenger vehicles, and trucks as well as vans to add attractive images. Some delivery business owners have begun to combine racing stripes and flame graphics to highlight the speed with which they fill orders. This presentation is a novel marketing concept that turns heads.

Contact us today to schedule your design consultation. We welcome the opportunity to look over the vehicle you intend us to treat, take measurements, and create sketches that show you different options. By the way, we treat not only cars but also boats, RVs, and planes.

car vinyl graphics and striping in West Palm Beach FL

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