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6 Feb 2015

Stellar Signs and Graphics

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Advertising your business is one of those factors necessary for developing a thriving industry that can make or break your dream. At Stellar Signs and Graphics we take seriously this stage of business development and pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We specialize in custom business signs, window decals, vinyl banners, trade show displays, illuminated channel letter signs, dimensional letter signs and more.

The majority of business advertising occurs during “drive by” circumstances, where people notice your business sign as they drive past. Consumers believe that the quality of your advertisements reflect the quality of your business and it’s products. Provide your potential customers with the assurance they need and come in to Stellar Signs and Graphics for all your sign and graphics needs.


At Stellar Signs and Graphics we work closely with you to identify and develop exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. We cater to all sorts of business, recognizing that different forms of graphics will capture the eye of your target consumer base. For example, though every business could use an illuminated storefront sign, a tattoo parlor, music or surf store may also want a wall mural. Wall murals really grab the attention of specific demographics, and our team includes some of the best mural artists in the West Palm Beach area.

Trade Show Displays

At trade shows great and attention grabbing signs are the primary draw to table displays. Let our team design both your signs and displays and you will be amazed at the increased volume of interested clients.

Stellar Signs and Graphics in West Palm Beach, Florida

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are a necessity for food wagons, farmers market booths and other mobile businesses. A high quality vinyl banner indicates to customers that your business may be small, but it is professional and ensures high quality results.

Dimensional and Channel Letters

Dimensional and channel letter signs are becoming the standard for larger businesses, both inside and storefront. Come to Stellar Signs and Graphics to have yours designed today, and don’t be left in the wake of more sophisticated competitors. Show your patrons that you are on the cutting edge before they even enter your establishment.

Menu Boards

Inside your restaurant, bar, spa or salon, high quality menu boards give further reassurance to your customer that your quality is second to none. Have them designed with graphics or simple and elegant. No matter what style you want, Stellar Signs and Graphics has the product to suit your needs.

High resolution graphics, decals and more make Stellar Signs and Graphics your number 1 choice for all types of jobs, regardless of size. We will customize every aspect of your most important form of advertising. There is no question that great, attention grabbing signs increase business. Rely on us to help you achieve your business goals now. There is no better time than now to come in and get the jump on your competition. Visit the professionals at Stellar Signs and Graphics today, and you’ll see that we have the best service and results in the industry.

Stellar Signs and Graphics in West Palm Beach, Florida has all the sign and advertising expertise to take your business to the top of it’s game. Come in or call today.


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