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15 Mar 2016

Trade Show Modular Displays for West Palm Beach FL

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Arriving at the trade show with just the right look is crucial to the success of your presentation. Show up with an outdated setup, and folks will most likely just keep on walking. Among the most cost-effective and versatile solutions are trade show modular displays. For West Palm Beach, FL, these products stand out because of their pizzazz and adaptability to venue requirements.

Why Choose Modular Displays?

Modular Trade Show Displays West Palm Beach FL

Linear Pro Series!

In a word: customization. The combination of aluminum framing, stretchable fabrics, and laminates with innovative banner designs and original display setups of TV screens gets across any branding message you want to send. Harness the flexibility that the design elements of the arrangement bring to the show by grouping panels to create layouts that easily differentiate you from others showing off their products. When you anticipate visiting plenty of trade shows in the next 12 to 24 months, remember that modular displays allow for reconfigurations, which result in new looks.

What are the Best Options?

Trade Show Modular Displays West Palm Beach FL

Merchandise Express Lineup!

Select from the combos that best meet your product display’s needs. Branding comes with the customization of the design elements.

  • Linear Pro. Available in both 10-foot and 20-foot systems, you receive a header, wings, canopy and two lights. Fabric graphics attach with Velcro. Optional accessories include tables, counters, monitor mounts and literature pockets.
  • Merchandise Express. In many ways, this design is a no-nonsense approach to the hard sell. It gets in your face and shows off a product with pizzazz and style. It is hard to ignore or overlook this display. What makes the layout work is the collection of panels that combine to present the product alongside your message. Accessorize the setup with shelves and pegboards as well as monitor mounts and lights. Fabrics use the push-fit installation technique. The more panels you buy, the greater the versatility of the design options.
  • Hybrid Pro. What makes this exhibit work is the combination of counters and back walls. When you select a 10-foot by a 20-foot display, you are ready for larger trade show spaces. That said, you can downsize your display to a smaller footprint but still include all the pieces in different configurations. This product is excellent for the creation of 3D displays that catch the eye with depth. Push-fit fabrics allow for easy graphics installations while illuminated walls bring style to the look. Accessorize with slot walls, LCD screens, counters, and tables. By the way, this product is a great option for the times when you snag an island display spot.

Commissioning Modular Trade Show Displays for West Palm Beach, FL, Events

Types of Trade Show Displays West Palm Beach FL

Hybrid Pro Series!

Contact our professionals for assistance with the customization of your graphics and accessories. Overhead signage, floor graphics, table throws and various panel graphics displays work together to turn your modular setup into a marketing machine that can be as high-tech, post-modern or minimalist as you like. If this is not your style, we can add the bits and pieces that give it panache and flair. Our graphic artists will work with you to incorporate your branding messages as well as your advertising graphics. Contact us today to get started on the design process.

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