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10 Apr 2015

Types of Lobby Signs for Your Palm Beach Gardens FL Business

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Sign Shop Palm Beach Gardens FLLush green lawns, Spanish-style homes, palm trees and a better than average employment rate make Palm Beach Gardens the place to live. Businesses cater to residents by providing plenty of shopping and eating opportunities. Large employers include VirtualBank and the PGA National Resort & Spa. In short, this is a great place to set up a business.

What the large and small companies have in common, however, is the need for expertly fabricated lobby signs. Palm Beach Gardens, FL, consumers respond well to those companies that capture the local vibe. A neighborhood signage maker worth his salt will use this knowledge to turn design options and style elements into just the right types of markers.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic Lobby Signs Palm Beach Gardens FL

The use of acrylic embraces the sometimes-quirky Palm Beach Gardens vibe. At the same time, the material is chic and dressy. It suits physicians’ offices as much as it does the reception areas of investment bankers. The added advantage of this signage solution is the ability to use silicone for attaching particularly thin lettering to a wall. When you are renting your office space and are facing severe restrictions, this option does not involve any wall damage.

Acrylic Boards

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs

For a lobby sign with a more artistic vibe, we suggest the combination of acrylic boards and lettering. By layering different boards in a wide variety of colors and adding on the lettering, you create a work of art that nevertheless shows off the professionalism of your company. Go as large or keep it as small as you prefer. By the way, talk to our Stellar Signs & Graphics experts about using standoffs to mount the marker. It creates the appearance of a floating board display that adds to the dramatic effect of the signage product.


Foam Lobby Signs Palm Beach Gardens FL

One of the most versatile signage solutions is the use of foam. Cut into individual letters, it easily attaches to the wall. Cut in a slab and routed with your lettering and logo raised, it creates a work of art. Dressing up the foam is as simple as painting it or adding thin acrylic or metal laminates. When you favor the look of a dramatic three-dimensional display, you cannot go wrong by commissioning a foam marker. Combine this setup with a carefully aimed spotlight to create an interesting play of lights and shadows.

Metal Lettering

Metal Lobby Signs Palm Beach Gardens FL

Metal sets a remarkable counterpoint to the laid-back attitude of palm trees and the bright sunlight. At the same time, it perfectly suits the no-nonsense businesses of attorneys and those in similar niches. When combined with similar exterior signage, you create a stunning effect that is not lost on your clients. Options here include flat-cut or cast metal.

Getting Started

Work with the sign company Palm Beach Gardens, FL, business owners have come to respect and trust. We routinely assist companies with the creation of their first lobby signs. In addition, we have worked with corporations who needed solid rebranding work done quickly and accurately. When you want your lobby signage to be perfectly color-matched with your other markers in and around the office, we can help. Call us today for more information on these – and other – sign products.

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