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29 Apr 2016

UCEDA School Uses Vinyl Window Wraps in Palm Beach County

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vinyl window wraps for schools in Palm Beach County FL, vinyl window wraps in Palm Beach County FL

Located at 3401 South Congress Avenue in Suites 201 + 202, the Uceda School of West Palm Beach II is the go-to location for English language learners and benefits international and local students. ESL classes serve beginning, intermediate and advanced English speakers. When the school’s administration decided to brand the location with vinyl window wraps, its representatives contacted our professionals for assistance.

Branding with Perforated Vinyl Window Wraps for Schools in Palm Beach County, FL

When you display 156 square feet of expertly treated vinyl window wrapping, you get attention. This number describes the size of the message that addresses passersby via four floor-to-ceiling windowpanes. The message displays multinational students holding notebooks and looking happy. Lettering shows in English and Spanish; a bold font describes the product, English classes, while a red and bold font addresses prospective students on the other side of the door.

Combined with the door’s window lettering that offers contact information and displays the hours of operation, the wrap is an effective marketing and branding tool for the school. Using a perforated product has the added advantage of allowing sunlight to enter the venue while still presenting passersby with an opaque surface.

Advantages of a Perforated Window Wrap for Your Business

The perforated vinyl features micro punctures, which create a product that lets sunlight pass through. Also, those on the inside of a space with treated windows can still see what is going on outside. Those on the exterior only see the message. The higher the puncture to solid material ratio, the easier it is to see out. Typical perfs may offer a 40 percent to 60 percent ratio or a 50 percent to 50 percent count.

Companies like to use windows wraps when they do not need to rely on their storefronts’ glass panes to display products. Frequently, the perfs cover up unsightly vistas. For example, when you set up a business so that shelves or cabinets stand with their backs to the windows, it does not create an attractive view; covering up this setup with posters only works somewhat. A full window wrap, on the other hand, succeeds in obscuring this look. When your storefront location doubles as an office where you conduct consultations or as a classroom where teaching takes place, the use of a wrap cuts down on curious stares.

Discussing the Design of a Perforated Wrap

Contact our experts to talk about your vision for your next vinyl window wraps in Palm Beach County, FL. We work with you to translate a branding or marketing message into an attractive collection of images with a compelling call to action. Our graphic artists gladly incorporate any artwork that you already have on file or create something entirely new from scratch.

If you have not already done so, we recommend leaving the glass of your door untreated for vinyl lettering that displays your contact information, hours of operation, business name and logo. Of course, continuing the wrap is possible if you so desire; in fact, we can fit this information into the design with ease. Contact us today to get started on your project.

vinyl window wraps for schools in Palm Beach County FL, vinyl window wraps in Palm Beach County FL

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