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9 Dec 2015

Using Banners for Fundraisers and Grand Openings!

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Making a splash and creating a buzz is easy when you use banners. Nothing attracts the attention of the consumer more than the temporary nature of this display. It creates a sense of urgency because this signage product is primarily associated with short-term deals and limited time offers. Not surprisingly, companies hosting a grand opening or fundraiser like to rely on this type of marker to advertise the event. While vinyl banners for fundraisers in West Palm Beach, FL, are standard, there are other product types on the market as well. What are your options?

On the Exterior

Grand Opening Banners West Palm Beach FL

A mix between a flag and a pennant, the typical outdoor banner is a vinyl product that features colorful and boldly imprinted information. A company or organization’s name, the occasion of the sign’s display and necessary information about dates and times are frequently the primary components of this product. Attached to a façade, this kind of banner takes full advantage of the display’s temporary nature to draw the eyes of passersby.

When you intend to show the product between two structures and wind may be a factor, consider the use of a mesh banner rather than a solid vinyl product. Another exterior display type is the lamppost banner, which is ideal for fundraisers. These are smaller, double-sided and rely on pole hems for proper installation.

At the Event

Event Banners West Palm Beach FL

Trade show attendees are familiar with retractable banner stands. These high-impact marketing tools impress with a vertical display of colorful messages. They tease the product, service or event and engage the attendee by piquing the interest just enough to encourage a visit to the location.

Step and repeat backdrop banners are shrewd marketing tools for the organization that hosts a fundraiser. Displaying the names and logos of companies that support the organization, those attending have the option of being photographed against this backdrop. For press photos, this valuable marketing option frequently encourages corporate donors to step forward for future inclusion in this signage display.

Secondary Table Banners Support the Messages of Exterior Products

Although small, they support the marketing and branding messages of outdoor products. When you do not have a customized table throw to use at your grand opening or fundraiser, this product ensures the prominent presentation of your company or organization’s name and logo as well as its customized colors. Consider use of this product on the exterior at tables that encourage raffle participating and volunteer sign ups. On the interior, these smaller banners mark the tables that hold products or tabletop displays offering detailed information about services.

Catching the Eye with the Right Signage Combination

Whether you need fundraising or grand opening banners in West Palm Beach, FL, or its surrounding areas, our graphic artists can help you put together a product combination that catches the eye and encourages attendance at your event. For example, did you know that it is possible to display three different grand opening banners – one after the other – that whet the appetite of shoppers until the big day is finally here? Contact us today to find out more about this – and other – product options.

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