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7 Apr 2015

Using Vehicle Graphics to Advertise for Lake Worth Businesses

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Vehicle Graphics Lake Worth FLLocated in Palm Beach County, Lake Worth is a favorite tourist destination. Palm trees and Art Deco building design influences give the city a chic that is difficult to top. Unique eateries and retailers rub elbows with service providers and street vendors. It is interesting to note that some businesses have taken to using 1960s architectural style elements and displaying them with a modern twist. Against this backdrop, business owners are using the types of vehicle graphics Lake Worth, FL, consumers respond to very well.

Branding the Business

Branding is an integral part of advertising. It gives consumers a “feel” for your company. Are you a no-nonsense corporate accountant, a software engineering firm that prides itself on the ability to think outside the box or a retailer who specializes in hot deals and deep discounts? Portraying yourself in this manner with vehicle graphics not only grabs the eye but also provides a bit of insight into your way of doing business.

Advertising with Graphics and Lettering

Vehicle Graphics Lake Worth FLThe vehicle vinyl lettering Lake Worth, FL, consumers see is usually a mix of basic business information and niche explanations. Tying both together with decals and graphics is instrumental for designing an ad campaign that sticks in buyers’ minds.

  • Play on words. Witticisms are expressed with the lettering. The graphics drive home the point. The combination of the two results in a mnemonic device that will not be lost on your target audience.
  • Niche explanations. When your company is actually a very narrowly defined niche business with a smaller target audience, it is worthwhile to add explanatory lettering and graphics to the vehicle. Doing so ensures that you effectively reach out to potential consumers wherever you take the vehicle.
  • Seasonal advertising. Palm Beach County is famous for its dynamic communities. Lake Worth is no exception. When you combine the overall vibe of the city with seasonal advertising, you succeed at becoming the type of company that perfectly embodies the local look and feel. The signage experts at Stellar Signs & Graphics recommend keeping the lettering consistent throughout the year but changing out the graphics with the seasons.

Selecting the Right Message

Vehicle vinyl Lettering Lake Worth FLWhat should you say? What should you omit? As a general rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to clearly state the name of your company, present its logo, offer contact information and give a bit of a niche explanation. When you still have plenty of room, it does not hurt to display a QR (quick response) code or social media handle. A motto or tag line is optional. Display it only when it does not require you to compromise on the size of the font that shows off your primary information.

Graphics should be kept in the same colors as you chose for your website. This guarantees easy recognition for those shoppers who like to check out businesses online before committing to a storefront visit. Niche specificity is a must. Make a mistake here, and a potential shopper may mistake the niche you are in. We understand that these considerations can appear confusing. Talk to our signage experts today for more information on selecting the best vehicle graphics to advertise in and around Lake Worth.

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