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11 Mar 2016

Vehicle Wraps in Palm Beach County FL: What Are Your Choices?

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Vehicle wraps in Palm Beach County FLWhen you rely on vehicles in your business, you cannot afford to miss out on mobile marketing opportunities. Whether you use a fleet or just one car, truck, van or even a scooter, applying vehicle wraps in Palm Beach County, FL, has the potential to generate name recognition and spread brand awareness. What are your options?

The Full Wrap a.k.a. The Cadillac of Wraps

Do you want to turn heads and present your branding message with flair? The full wrap is the right product for you. No matter how large or small the vehicle may be, we can wrap it. In this setup, we imprint specialized vinyl with the images and messages you have chosen. The product covers every inch of the vehicle. It is not difficult to see why this selection is so advantageous. After all, you use every square inch of space to engage your customer and advertise your business.

The Partial Wrap Turns Heads, Too

Vehicle Graphics Palm Beach County FLSelecting a partial wrap is an excellent option when your vehicle’s base color ties into the color of your proposed wrap. Not only does this approach save you money, but it also allows for a seamless blend of your vehicle’s surface with the vinyl covering. In many ways, the realization that a wrap is only a partial cover can be an eye-catcher because customers are doing a double take.

Graphics and Lettering Packages Communicate Expertly with Onlookers

Spell out your company’s name, contact information, and niche explanation. Add graphics that depict your logo. Shrewd business owners like to underscore their niches by adding graphics showing off typical images associated with these types of companies. For example, a plumber might add Mario-esque water lines. A baker could opt for images depicting sheaves of grain. The possibilities truly are endless. For a more bare bones approach, simply omit the graphics and only display the lettering. While this setup lacks the visual appeal of a wrap, it does enable your vehicle to reveal your company’s name, address and contact information.

Remember the Add-ons!

Partial Vehicle Wraps Palm Beach County FLIn many cases, the add-ons make the vehicle wraps in Palm Beach County, FL, stand out even more. Case in point is the installation of a perforated vinyl window sheet. This product features an imprinted display on one side. It is frequently a continuation of the wrap’s images, which then present to the customer via the rear window or the rear side windows. From the inside, the perforations allow you to see outside and safely drive the car, truck or van. Other add-ons include seasonal messages that we install to wraps as graphics, quick response (QR) codes or special offers that direct consumers to visit a landing page.

By the way, did you know that we also wrap model airplanes, cars, and boats? Indeed, hobbyists who are also entrepreneurs have begun advertising their companies in this manner. When they compete or show off their vehicles at meets, the wrap or graphics package promotes their businesses just as a regular business car might do. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to discuss your next wrap project.

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