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16 Jan 2017

Vinyl Office Signage? Yes, It’s Really a Thing!

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Vinyl is quickly becoming the duct tape of the sign industry. It fixes lots of things, emphasizes the good looks of an office, and turns normal signs into works of art. Not surprisingly, we are getting an increase in requests for vinyl office signage. If you are not yet quite familiar with the broad range of applications that this versatile material brings to the table, consider these examples.

Wall Graphics and Whole Wall Murals Create Ambiance

Vinyl Office SignageNothing changes the mood of your space faster than a vinyl mural or wall graphics display. This applies to an office, a retail establishment, a fast food restaurant, or an upscale sit-down eatery. Because imprinted vinyl has the power to alter the look and feel of office walls in a way that no paintbrush could achieve, business owners now request this product more frequently. We recommend a look at textured vinyl to heighten the impact of the product in your space.

Vinyl Lettering Supports a Corporate Vision and Creates Consumer Buy-in

Vinyl Office SignageNot all business owners favor the idea of adding images to the walls. Some want to boost brand awareness in workers, investors, and clients by shifting the focus to a mission statement or inspirational quote by the company’s founder. Displayed in large vinyl letters in a lobby, training, or conference room, it can create an ideal background for defining your corporate persona and putting other signage products in perspective.

Vinyl Overlays Change the Way Clients See Lobby Signs

Vinyl Office SignageThe standard lobby sign may feature a logo board that contains a printed message or dimensional letters. With the right vinyl overlay, applied to the back of a transparent acrylic board, it is possible to take this sign and turn it into a work of art. Clients have chosen to upgrade the size of their logo boards from standard behind-the-reception-desk dimensions to wall art standards. With the vinyl overlay presenting a decorative look, the foreground of the acrylic features the lettering. Consider an engraving, the application of another vinyl overlay, or the presentation of dimensional letters mounted to the front of the acrylic.

Wayfinding Signs that Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

How can you use vinyl to enhance the appearance of your ADA signage? Easy! Use the material as an overlay that creates the desired color contrast with the lettering displayed on the front. Once again you start with a clear acrylic board. This product presents in the size and shape defined by the Act. Because you must meet the requirements of font size, selection, and color contrast, most companies use the wall’s color as their guideposts for hue range. But why not use the corporate color palette that you use to display your business’ symbol as a subliminal image, too? It does not take away from the letter of the law but most certainly adds to the attractive presentation of the marker.

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Whether you are outfitting an office for the first time or considering an upgrade of an existing location, you cannot go wrong with adding vinyl to the mix. Discuss your plans with our advertising sign specialists to learn more about your options.

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Vinyl Office Signage

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