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6 May 2016

Why Choose HDU Signs in West Palm Beach FL?

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High-density urethane (HDU) is a synthetic product that presents an attractive alternative to wood when creating dimensional signage. It does not have the knots that wood boards frequently display or the cracks that extensive sun exposure causes. Additionally, this product is waterproof and does not hold any interest for insects in search of a meal. You see HDU signs in West Palm Beach FL, on the inside as well as on the exterior of offices, storefronts, and hospitality venues. HDU Signs in West Palm Beach FL

What can you do with HDU?

The material is an ideal substrate for sandblasting or carving. The look that makes wooden signs so appealing is now possible to achieve with a material that has none of the wood’s drawbacks. Also, you choose the size and depth of your display. Carving the material results in a presentation of textured backgrounds. It brings out the good looks of highly intricate customized shapes. Sandblasting creates a look that presents a three-dimensional display of your information and logo.

Putting Together a Sign that Works for Your Business

When we meet with clients who want to commission HDU signage, we walk them through a process that ensures they get the right product for their needs.HDU Signs in West Palm Beach FL

  • Shape. Our technicians can shape the sign into any form that you desire. Whether you are content with a standard geometric display or prefer a customized look, we can do it.
  • Presentation. A typical sign features a single-sided layout. When carving or sandblasting HDU, consider the advantages of a double-sided appearance. With several mounting options, this look is very attractive and has consumers paying attention to your signage from both directions of the street.
  • Colors. Branding with HDU signage is a snap. Choose your company’s colors or the tones that you picked for your online display of the business’ name and logo. We accomplish a complete Pantone color match to ensure that this sign fits right in with any other markers you currently display.
  • Installation options. Some clients like to see their HDU signs installed flush to their storefronts’ façades. Others prefer the use of the sign as a double-sided shingle that hangs from a post. You might also ask us to mount the HDU plank as part of a post and panel sign or monument marker.

Who Orders HDU Signage?

There are now plenty of commercial venues that look to this signage product for branding and advertising purposes. In addition to sites located in covenant-controlled parts of town where historic buildings make up the majority of locations, there are the bed and breakfast operations and stand-alone stores that differentiate themselves from chain enterprises and franchises by relying on signage that combines artistry with a colorful look. That said, this product solution opens the door to a rustic appearance, which is a favorite of campground operators and for theme park managers who need to set the mood for different attractions within their larger venues.HDU Signs in West Palm Beach FL

When you are ready to take a closer look at HDU signs in West Palm Beach, FL, and perhaps incorporate them into your existing signage suite, contact our graphic artists to put together some sketches that show how it could be done.

HDU Signs in West Palm Beach FL

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