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29 Jan 2016

You Can Afford Fleet Truck Lettering in Wellington FL!

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If you are considering the installation of fleet truck lettering for Wellington, FL, vehicles used during the course of doing business, you are probably wondering about the cost. Is it expensive? Is it a worthwhile outlay? Would you be able to do more with another kind of advertising product?

Freet Truck Lettering Wellington FL

The answer is quite simple: look at the numbers. Studies have proven that one treated vehicle can garner as many as 16 million impressions, which is a fancy word for describing consumers seeing the truck. Seeing it equals taking in the marketing messages. In short, can you really afford not to invest in vehicle vinyl graphics and lettering for your fleet?

Decals Introduce Designed Marketing Messages to the Public

Fleet Lettering Wellington FL

The decal is a design that our graphic artists have put together according to your specifications. It may just contain images, a combination of lettering and images, or a seasonal marketing message. We use high-quality vinyl to prepare these products; doing so ensures that they adhere to your vehicle and continue to look great even a couple of years after the initial installation. Depending on the message you like to convey, consider affixing the product to the hood, doors, tailgate or the roof of your vehicle.

Graphics Show off a Logo or Niche-specific Image

Fleet vehicle lettering Wellington FL

Our experts put together graphics packages that reflect the look of your logo. Frequently, our business clients commission these graphics alongside a lettering package. The combination of a logo and name display is instrumental in the creation of name recognition and brand awareness. We recommend the display of niche graphics to underscore the type of business you run. Doing so allows the consumer to understand your message at a first glance.

Lettering Spells out What You Can Do for the Consumer

Fleet Vehicle Decals Wellington FL

In addition to displaying the company’s name, rely on your lettering to communicate effectively the types of services you offer or the kinds of products you sell. Spelling it out makes sense when you consider that motorists driving behind you in traffic have ample time to become informed consumers. In some cases, our business clients have had great success with the combination of spelled out product descriptions and graphics displaying manufacturer logos. Co-branding is a powerful method for boosting your reputation and creating brand awareness.

Design and Display Options for Fleet Truck Lettering in Wellington, FL

Whether you opt for decals, graphics or lettering – or combinations of these products – for your fleet, consider additional design options that help your business stand out from the competition.

  • Font size. In this setup, size matters. The smaller the font, the more difficult it is for the consumer to read your messages. Our graphic artists gladly help you decide on the right size for your message.
  • Windows are parts of your vehicles. Do not sell yourself short by only treating the body of your truck. The window is an ideal marketing surface that allows white lettering to shine.
  • Reflective vinyl makes a statement after dark. Why not allow some of your lettering and graphics to reflect the light? Doing so makes you stand out and captures the eye of the motorist who is driving after dark.

Contact our graphic artists today to get started on your fleet-lettering project.

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