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8 Feb 2016

A Guide to Aluminum Signs for Wellington FL

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There is little doubt about the versatility of aluminum signs. For Wellington, FL, members of the business community, this attribute has led to a broad range of uses in indoor as well as outdoor settings. We have put together this handy aluminum signage FAQ to help business clients learn a little more about this multipurpose product.

Q: How durable are aluminum signs?

Real Estate Aluminum Signs Wellington FL

A: The material does not deteriorate, does not rust, is not susceptible to water or insect damage, and even features chemical resistance. In short, aluminum signs rank at the top of the chart with respect to durability.

Q: But aluminum signs do not last forever, do they?

A: Although the material remains looking great for decades when used for indoor signage, outdoor use may shorten its like-new looks and condition. Basic setups carry a three-year rating while certain coatings can extend this rating by a few years. Mind you, the sign’s body remains intact while the imprinted message may lose some of its good looks. Contributing to a deterioration of the appearance are usually external influences, such as wind and sun exposure, that harm the printed surface.

Q: Do I have to buy a particular shape or size template?

Aluminum Signs for Elections Wellington FL

A: No, you do not. Aluminum comes in sheets or planks that we can cut into any shape and size you like. Additionally, the product comes in a variety of thicknesses that increase the sign’s ability to withstand the wind.

Q: Are all aluminum signs silver?

A: The sign comes in the color that you choose. Although the silver appearance is the one that most everyone is familiar with, you have options. Would you like the marker to come with a bronze appearance? No problem! Do you prefer the combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity, Pantone’s color of the year? We can do that, too. Just remember that much of the sign is covered with an imprinted vinyl overlay that displays your message.

Q: What are the uses for aluminum signage?

Aluminum Building Signs Wellington FL

A: For the interior, business clients have used them as directional markers, suite signs, lobby signs and instructional plaques. On the outside, aluminum works well for way-finding products, real estate signs, building signs and informative markers that outline site usage instructions. For the latter, consider the signage spelling out the pool or spa usage rules at public or privately owned venues.

Since you might choose to have the signs treated with dual overlays – one on each side – you might also use them as effective A-frame inserts on sidewalks. This use appeals to real estate professionals who advertise an open-house event. Municipalities use thicker aluminum for interstate or traffic signs. There is no shortage of signage uses involving the material.

Q: How do I know how best to install the sign?

A: The use of the product dictates the way you would install it. For example, a real estate professional commissioning rectangular shingles that spell “For Sale,” which will hang suspended from an inverted “L” post, needs holes drilled at the top of the sign that allows for the proposed installation. When you use the product as a way-finding tool on the interior, you might prefer standoff mounts.

Contact the experts at Stellar Signs & Graphics today to learn more about ordering aluminum signs in Wellington, FL. We gladly help you with the design, manufacture and installation.

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