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22 Jan 2016

A Post and Panel Sign for the Club at Ibis Directs Visitors!

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At home in West Palm Beach, the Club at Ibis is a membership golf experience. Combining athletics with social activities and a go-to location for fine dining, the venue succeeds at exceeding members’ expectations. After a remodel, our signage pros provided the club with channel letters for its exterior wall as well as customized ADA plaques and signs for the interior. When the venue’s management team realized that it needed a welcome center post and panel sign, it contacted us once more.

Post and Panel Signs for West Palm Beach, FL

Welcome with Post and Panel Signs in West Palm Beach FL

To brand the Club at Ibis appropriately, we designed a post and panel setup with two 4 x 4 x 7 aluminum posts and a half-inch thick medium density overlay (MDO) panel. This panel presents with a weather-resistant resin that is entirely paintable. We coated the structure with black paint displaying a satin finish. The panel shows off a white border as well as white text and arrows. We finished off the appearance of the marker with white post caps for visual aesthetics. Finally, we installed the sign at the entrance within the landscape. It is perfectly sized to fit into the spot and catch the eye.

Versatility of the Post and Panel Design

Customization is one of the main reasons why our clients love this signage solution. For starters, the posts themselves may present with the standard four-sided look or appear in a rounded form. Decorative caps show off acorns, balls, and peaked pyramids. For management companies that are considering the investment in this signage system as a monument sign alternative or exterior directory, we recommend a word bar setup that lets you add tenant and destination names with ease. Should a tenant leave, just remove the bar or turn it over.

Combine the signage with illumination options that we build right into the panel. Perfect color matches allow us to integrate the product with your already existing signage. If you are concerned about the possibility of graffiti, consider adding out anti-graffiti coating. It makes cleanup after a tag attack a snap. Also, we can use reflective paint to make your signage stand out at night. For businesses that welcome clients, patients or customers well after dark, this is an excellent option for easy way-finding. The panels themselves come in a broad range of shapes and sizes to facilitate the setup at any location on your property.

Thinking through a Sign Setup for Your Company

Welcoming consumers with post and panel signs in West Palm Beach, FL, is an ideal solution for a broad range of enterprises. Whether you run a country club, shopping mall, medical center or stand-alone retail location, your business stands out with the proper signage. Of course, if you prefer a traditional monument sign or pylon, we can help you with this product as well. Contact our graphic artists to discuss the desired look of the sign, its proposed sizing and to pinpoint the location on your property where you would like to display it. Our experts handle the rest. Contact us today to get started.

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