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28 May 2015

Best Uses for Retail Store Window Graphics

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Retail store window graphics for West Palm Beach, FL, have the power to turn your storefront’s appearance from blah to wow. There is no need to invest heavily in façade changes. The vinyl product is fairly inexpensive but has a huge impact. How could you utilize this product to your company’s advantage?

Lower Third Window Wrap Co-brands

Restaurant Window Graphics West Palm Beach FL

If you are a retailer that focuses heavily on popular products, it is always a good idea to co-brand your name with the name of these products. You see this done in the grocery store setting and also in the hardware supply trade where tools and fixtures provide ideal co-branding opportunities. When you wrap the lower third of your display windows with vinyl sheets that display your company colors, this information then draws in shoppers who are looking for the brands. At the same time, your store’s name is associated with these names. This creates brand awareness.

Full Window Wraps Engage Consumers

Full window wraps West Palm Beach

A picturesque setting appeals to shoppers who are looking for aesthetically pleasing backdrops to their purchases. These are window wraps that cover the entire glass pane from top to bottom. Display models wearing the clothes you are selling or showcase the latest electronics products that you are stocking. These retail store window displays for West Palm Beach, FL, draw in shoppers without your having to change the window displays every month. This saves you time and money.

Seasonal Graphics Frame Your Products

Announce sales with window graphics

The winter holiday season is the ideal time to show off your most popular items with the help of display windows. Use graphics that spell out “Sale” or “Free Shipping” while snowflakes and other tastefully done winter holiday imagery puts consumers into a shopping mood. Combine multiple graphics types with a narrow strip that frames the bottom of the window for a cohesive display.

Teasers Generate a Buzz before Opening Day

Opening Soon window graphics

Of course, one of the most effective vinyl window graphics is the one that obscures the visibility into your new storefront but teases consumers with a bit of information about the company that is setting up shop. “Coming soon” is the type of display that generates interest and allows you to make your message known with repetition on all windowpanes your storefront possesses. Adding your company’s name saves you the trouble of having to install an exterior building sign right away. The latter can wait until about a week before you open – when you have these kinds of window displays in place.

Getting Started on Your Order

Contact the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics to discuss your signage needs. We work with you to create an attractive window graphics design that incorporates your branding elements while complementing the look of your building signage. In addition, we work with you on the selection of appropriate colors to grab the eye of passersby. When you are considering the installation of a graphics frame, we suggest the incorporation of different heights to make the look pop. With so many different usage options, it is no surprise that window graphics are one of the hottest signage products the local business community commissions.

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