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5 Aug 2016

Are You Buying the Best Car Wraps in West Palm Beach FL?

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Buying the best car wraps in West Palm Beach FL, is an investment in the marketing of your business. Since these products have an average lifespan of about five years, getting it right from the inception has the potential of paying huge dividends. The trick here is to start by hiring the right sign company.

Top 3 Characteristics of a Great Sign Shop

car wraps in West Palm Beach FLDifferentiate the store owner with a printer from the professional with expertise.

  1. Full-service approach. Plenty of print shops offer to produce the wrap panels. They then provide you with step-by-step instructions for installing them. The full-service professional starts by scheduling a design consultation to put together the look of your wrap. From there, the experts manufacture the product and install it.
  2. State-of-the-art equipment. Investing in printing equipment is expensive. But a full-service sign shop operator knows that a failure to do so results in the production of so-so signage. For vibrant colors and stunning clarity, look for the shop with the latest print equipment.
  3. High-quality materials. Cutting corners by using the wrong vinyl may save the shop money, but it also cuts down on the longevity of the product. Using the right material for the job is a must. The sign shop that has a variety of vinyl films on hand is ready to produce wraps that suit your needs.

Design Consultation vs. DIY Internet Printing

car wraps in West Palm Beach FLEven if you are an artist yourself, translating your vision into a wrap for a vehicle takes more than skill. You need expertise. Plenty of online print shops claim that putting together designs is simply a combination of plug and play actions. In reality, there is a way to align style elements so that your intended message presents in the foreground while background images do not crowd the presentation. When putting together a wrap design yourself online, you may not realize that the finished product may either not fit on your vehicle or present images of such busyness that they detract from the message.

Professional Installation vs. DIY or Outsourced Job

car wraps in West Palm Beach FLOur pros offer a professional installation service to ensure that the wrap panels attach to the vehicle as intended. We do the prep work, guarantee the measurements are right, and focus your message as designed. This approach eliminates air bubbles, mismatched seams, and peeling corners. A DIY installation of a full wrap is almost always more than a first-time novice can handle. It may also void your warranty. Where most print shops outsource their work to unknown third parties, we maintain full quality control oversight of the product. If there is a problem, we are here to make it right.

Buying Your Car Wraps in West Palm Beach FL

The experts at Stellar Signs & Graphics handle full and partial wraps of all types of vehicles. Whether you need products for a passenger car, a truck with a cab shell, or a van, we can handle the design. Add a perforated vinyl window cover? No problem! Do you want to display gradient color changes? We can do that. Contact our pros today to discuss your project.

car wraps in West Palm Beach FL

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