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23 Sep 2016

Catapult Academy Announces Opening with Temporary Vinyl Sign Cover in West Palm Beach FL

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Celebrating its grand opening this fall, the Catapult Academy has been readying its campus at 2885 North Military Trail to welcome students. A K-12 contract instructional service, this organization serves more than 300,000 students with a team of 5,600 educators. Incorporating a dropout recovery model that seeks to pave the way for every learner to earn a high school diploma, the focus is on educating those in the 16 to 21 age demographic. As the Catapult Academy opens its latest center, the management team contacted us to discuss the design and manufacture of a temporary vinyl sign cover in West Palm Beach FL.

Branding and Marketing a New Venue

 temporary vinyl sign cover in West Palm Beach FLRight outside the center, there is a monument sign left behind by the building’s last tenant. The Catapult Academy has not yet had the opportunity to commission a new marker or consider the upgrade of the current one. That said, it needed to advertise its location and communicate its marketing and branding messages. Doing so is possible with vinyl sign covers that temporarily obscure the view of the old signage.

We chose a bright white vinyl backdrop that we imprinted with the color-matched group’s logo, name, a tagline, and the notation that the center is now open. This approach allows the academy more time to decide on the fate of the monument sign while nevertheless presenting a visually attractive marker solution to prospective learners and their parents.

Temporary Signage Placeholders are Common

The ideal situation is the commission of all your signage products well in advance of a grand opening celebration. Realistically, this happens infrequently. When construction and build-out delays push back interior décor work, the order of signage also undergoes a delay. In some situations, budget considerations call for the staggered purchase of signage, which usually results in the outfitting of a venue with legally mandated ADA signs and wayfinding markers before focusing on branding materials.

We can accommodate your signage needs no matter what your timeline looks like. It is not unusual for our clients to invite our experts to their locations for site surveys. During this time, we catalog the markers that are present (when taking over an existing business setting) as well as those that are missing. Next, we help the client to prioritize signage displays according to federal and municipal mandates. For existing signage setups, we provide cost estimates that detail the expense of refurbishing the markers versus replacing them. At times, our customers choose a staggered signage installation schedule.

How to Commission Temporary Signs

Whether you need temporary vinyl sign covers for schools in West Palm Beach FL, or you require them for a broad range of other business settings, we can help. Our graphic artists work with you to ensure that the products present your brand and advertising in a classy manner. It does not matter that this product is only a temporary stand-in until you order the final sign; top quality is a must. We make sure that it looks great and bespeaks your approach to doing business. Call us today to schedule a design consultation for your temporary sign needs.

 temporary vinyl sign cover in West Palm Beach FL


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