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17 Nov 2015

Corporate Logo Lobby Sign for Keller Williams of Wellington FL

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The Keller Williams Realty office in Wellington has been rated as the foremost real estate business in the area. The commitment and expertise of its staff, as well as the capabilities of getting deals done, greatly factored into this result. When it came time to consider the design and installation of real estate lobby signs for this venue, the company’s management team contacted the signage experts at Stellar Signs & Graphics.

Impressing with a Lobby Marker

Corporate Lobby Signs Wellington FL

A company with this impressive record of accomplishment requires a corporate logo lobby sign that reflects its impact on the market. After consulting with the management team, we made a sign that consists of individual letters. We used black acrylic with a flat cut. The thickness of the material is half an inch. With a glossy finish, the sign now displays the logo as well as the full name of Keller Williams against the red wall backdrop. The look impresses with color choice, finish and display.

Making a Great First Impression (or Not)

We cannot stress enough that the importance of making a great first impression is crucial. Even if the would-be customer is already aware of a company’s superior record, it is still possible for a so-so sign to counter the opinion the consumer had formed previously. You frequently see this with companies that have been in business for a long time but never updated the lobby signage. There are three main reasons why a lobby marker makes a bad first impression.

  1. Improper care. Occasional dusting takes care of the majority of signs. Depending on the materials used, there may be other steps you can take to enhance the look of the sign. If an employee is tasked with the care of the sign but fails to follow your instructions, your sign will not look its best.
  2. Outdated design. Your sign may have been considered to be on the cutting edge in the early 1970s. Today, it is no longer relevant to the modern consumer.
  3. Material failure. Signage – much like cars and other assets – has a useful life. While you can keep the product around for much longer, there will be some material breakdown. A peeling, dulling or crumbling sign does not make an excellent first impression.

Presenting Yourself as a Leader in Your Niche with the Right Lobby Sign

Do not make the mistakes we outlined previously. Whether you display lobby signs for real estate agencies in Wellington, FL, or are showing off foyer markers for a plumbing business in a neighboring city, excellence matters. Our graphic artists can help you to get out from under an outdated sign or one that simply fails to make a great first impression.

Contact our pros to discuss your signage needs. We visit your location and take a site survey. We evaluate the sign you currently have for relevance in today’s market place, overall structural soundness and appeal. In some cases, it is possible to refurbish an aging sign to coax many more useful years out of the product. In other cases, a complete replacement will suit your needs better. Call us today to find out what we can do to make your sign’s first impression a great one.

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