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18 Apr 2016

Bar Entrance Sign Shines at Hilton Palm Beach Airport!

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Located at 150 Australian Avenue in West Palm Beach, the Hilton Palm Beach Airport is a family-friendly resort-style venue. It features event space at the lobby level, which makes it suitable for weddings and business functions. A bar offers an opportunity for relaxation at the end of the day. The hotel’s management team contacted our signage pros when it needed an entrance sign that would signal the location of the bar without adding products that would interfere with the setting’s overall branding.

Sophisticated Signage Fits the Bill

Bar entrance signs in West Palm Beach, FL, family-friendly settings need to be discreet. This one combines tact with elegance, which perfectly fits the resort vibe of the locale. It measures 26 inches by 27 inches with a depth of .25 inches. A black acrylic face hides blue LED modules that we placed around the product’s perimeter to create a glowing halo.

One-half-inch acrylic push-thru letters and logo shapes add texture to the look. We added an imprinted full-color, laminated vinyl overlay to the face. Finally, we installed the marker close to the side of the bar’s entrance on a wood-paneled wall, where it looks perfect. The management team loved the finished product so much that they asked us to design another couple of signs for them.

Exploring the Versatility of Acrylic

Our clients love acrylic. They have come to realize that this material looks great inside and out, as a stand-alone marker or as a supporting product. There are plenty of examples.

  • Dimensional letters. Install them outside as a building sign or on the interior as a lobby marker. Available in a broad range of sizes and fonts, we can paint these letters in any color you like. For dramatic interior lobby signage displays, we suggest the use of a foam letter with an acrylic laminate that allows you to reach letter depths of about three inches.
  • Logo boards. Acrylic logo boards are ideal foyer markers. They pair well with other materials and look great when covered with a vinyl overlay that displays gradient color changes.
  • Hanging signage. For directional needs, consider hanging wayfinding signs made from acrylic. With a matte finish, they are easy to read even in the sunlight. Choose from blades that install perpendicular to the wall or pick shingles that hang from the ceiling.
  • Accent pieces. Some clients have also chosen acrylic accent pieces. Crossing the line between wall art and signage, they accessorize the presence of a sign with decorative touches that help to set the mood inside a restaurant, boutique or any other venue.

The Intricacies of Entrance Signs for Airport Retailers in West Palm Beach, FL

When commissioning an entrance sign for the area, consider your targeted demographic. Since this hotel’s brand message emphasizes the family-friendly setting, it makes sense to use circumspect signage when advertising the presence of the bar. For a venue that caters to a business community demographic, the look and feel of the product would likely have been different. Our graphic artists work with your management staff to determine the right look for your particular venue. Doing so allows you to underscore your branding message while providing wayfinding assistance to patrons. Contact us today to discuss your entrance signage needs in detail.

entrance signs for airport retailers in West Palm Beach FL

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