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9 Mar 2016

Hostess Stand Signs and Graphics for Your West Palm Beach Cafe

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Can you stand out with hostess stand signs and graphics in West Palm Beach, FL? You bet! Although most eateries will feature one of these stands on the outside of their restaurants, you can most certainly be noticed without having to go overboard with size or colors. What are your options?

Choose a Broad Design

Signs for Hostess Stands in West Palm Beach FLAlthough a typical hostess stand may mimic the dimensions of a standard podium, opt for a display that is twice as wide. Not only does this selection allow you to staff the stand with two hostesses when needed, but it also broadens the display surface for your signage. Adding a frame to the setup provides a visual outline for your graphics.

Dressing up the Stand

Once you have the basic structure selected, consider standing out by borrowing a page from the trade show playbook. For example, a restaurant that specializes in Spanish cuisine might feature a faux brick roof line, castanets, and similar themed decorative touches. Dressing up the stand gives hungry guests an opportunity to figure out the dishes you most likely feature on the menu simply by branding your venue. Add company colors. This impression is eye-catching and might get them to come over to your restaurant even if they were headed for the competition.

Adding Graphics

Hostess Stand Signs and Graphcis West Palm Beach FLWhether you like to display a stand with or without added decorative touches, you cannot go wrong by adding graphics products.

  • Acrylic panels. The board should be slightly smaller than the stand’s front, which allows the structure to create a frame. Opt for a clear acrylic board that you treat with a frosted vinyl display on the back. The front may show etched vinyl, dimensional letters or a routed presentation of your eatery’s name and logo. Side panels might display menus.
  • Lit cabinets. It is now possible to add thin box cabinets to the front of the setup. Wired for illumination, the case might take the shape of your logo or present in a basic geometric design that features your company’s information via an imprinted facing. If you opt for this method of catching the eye of passersby, do not forget to add cabinets to the sides as well.
  • Hostess Stand Lettering West Palm Beach FLDimensional letters. Choose dimensional letters made from acrylic or metal that feature a color, which contrasts with the backdrop. Opt for an installation technique that places the letters directly on the stand or fastens them to a ledge in front of the desk. Add small spotlights to light up the letters and cast their shadows onto the stand.
  • Wraps and graphics. Covering the structure in its entirety with imprinted vinyl is possible. Doing so creates an attractive display that can feature artwork, lettering and even mimic the look of your vehicle’s full or partial wrap (or graphics package). This combination could be a powerful one-two marketing punch.

Of course, there are plenty of additional ideas for restaurant hostess stand signs and graphics in West Palm Beach, FL. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to discuss the designs that would bespeak your business in the most efficient manner possible.

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