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7 Feb 2023

How To Design The Perfect Lobby Sign For Your Business

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Designing a lobby sign for your business can be a challenging task. The lobby sign is often the first thing that customers and clients see when they enter your business. It’s crucial to get it right! What are some steps you can take in order to design the perfect lobby sign for your business?

Determine the purpose of your sign.

Before you start designing your lobby sign, it’s important to determine its purpose. Will your sign be used to display your business name? Will it include additional information such as your logo, hours of operation or contact information? Knowing the purpose of your sign will help you determine its size, content and style.

Consider your brand.

Your lobby sign is an opportunity to reinforce your brand and create a strong first impression with customers and clients. Consider the overall look and feel of your brand. Make sure that your sign reflects this style. This could include using your brand’s color palette, typography and imagery in the design of your sign.

Choose the right materials.

The materials you choose for your lobby sign will play a major role in its overall look and feel. Some popular options include acrylic, metal and vinyl. Consider the look and feel you want to achieve. Choose materials that will compliment your brand and the style of your business.

Decide on a size and shape.

The size and shape of your lobby sign will depend on the space you have available, as well as your specific needs. Larger signs will be more visible from a distance, but may be too big for smaller lobbies. On the other hand, smaller signs may be more appropriate for smaller lobbies, but may not be as easily seen by customers and clients. Consider the size of your lobby and the distance from which your sign will be viewed when deciding on the size and shape of your sign.

Use legible text.

The text on your lobby sign should be easy to read from a distance. Choose a font that is legible, and make sure that the text is large enough to be easily seen from a distance. Avoid using overly stylized or decorative fonts, as these may be difficult to read.

Consider lighting.

The lighting in your lobby will play a major role in the visibility of your sign. If your sign will be viewed in low-light conditions, consider adding backlighting or an illuminated border to make it more visible.

Keep it simple.

When designing your lobby sign, it’s important to keep it simple. The sign should be easy to read. The information should be straightforward and to the point. Avoid using too much text. Keep the design simple and uncluttered.

Let’s get to work on a new lobby sign for your company!

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