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26 Apr 2017

What Makes Channel Letters The Ideal Choice For Your Storefront?

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What are channel letters?

We’ve all seen them. They’re actually quite popular. Most just don’t necessarily know what they’re called. However, channel letter signs are the ones that give that “3D effect” to the lettering you see above the majority of storefronts in strip malls and other retail locations. The letters “pop out” from their exteriors, eliminating the mundane look of a flat banner that some stores may use. Channel letters have proven to be much more effective in providing excellent impressions of the businesses that use them.

What makes channel letters so effective?

For starters, these signs address a couple of the most critical design factors when it comes to signage: visibility/conspicuity and legibility. Naturally, you want your storefront sign to be visible. But sometimes, visibility can be out of your control. Depending on the location of your store, you may or may not have to deal with such obstructions as foliage, power lines, street signs and even traffic.

Of course, your sign’s visibility has a lot to do with the vantage point of the person looking at it. However, because channel letters “stick out” from where they are mounted, they can be seen by people walking parallel to your storefront. In other words, channel letters are visible from the side. And while onlookers may not be able to read the sign from such a vantage point, it addresses conspicuity.

Conspicuity refers to the characteristics of a sign that helps an observer distinguish it from its surroundings. As mentioned, channel letters enable your storefront sign to stand out, so that it is visible from various angles. But, of course, it always helps when the sign is legible. Naturally, you’ll want onlookers to be able to clearly make out the name of your store when viewing your sign.

Channel letters are effective in promoting legibility thanks, in part, to their lighting options. Having lighting placed behind the channel letters helps them to be easily distinguished from their backgrounds at night.

What are the lighting options available for channel letters?

Front lit signs are considered the standard. They allow for the color scheme of your storefront sign to remain intact when the sun goes down. This is achieved by using customized acrylic facings that are lit up by LEDs from the front of the sign.

Halo lit signs have light illuminating out of the back of each letter. This presents a halo-like presence around the sign’s letters. The “bathing” of light around the letters is considered a very sophisticated and modern approach to signage. Finally, back lit signs allow for the light to escape through the colourful acrylic of the sign’s front side as well as through the backs of the letters.

The channel letters can be fabricated with a partition in the center of the return with LED’s facing both directions – optional colors for the LED’s include white, blue, green and red. This provides both a “Front Lit” effect through the acrylic face channel letters and a “Back Lit” halo as well. The combination makes for a most impressive sign!

How durable are channel letter signs?

Channel letters provide your storefront sign with the best of both worlds – they are both lightweight and incredibly sturdy. Constructed from high-quality aluminum, the materials used to make your channel letter signs do not rust. As well, they are also resistant to insect damage. Your channel letter sign is designed to provide you with long-lasting functionality that has been proven to vastly improve brand imaging!

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