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14 Sep 2016

Monument Lettering in West Palm Beach Advertises ApparelMagic!

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Located at 3222 Commerce Place in Suite D, ApparelMagic is a software developer that specializes in applications for the fashion industry. When the business needed monument lettering in West Palm Beach FL, its management team contacted the signage professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics.

Shared Monument Features Brand-supporting Style Elements

monument lettering in West Palm Beach FLThe monument sign in question is an attractive stone slab that stands upright in the landscaping of the office building’s location. It features black lettering that identifies the tenants at the address. To ensure that its brand message would also be well represented, the company commissioned 3/8-inch black acrylic letters. We router cut the material for the appearance of crisp edges. Because we wanted to make certain that the firm’s information supersedes the other tenants’ letters in visibility, we opted for a glossy finish rather than the matte displays chosen for the other style elements presented there.

Why Monument Signs Matter

monument lettering in West Palm Beach FLIf you are among the dwindling group of business owners who still believe that monument signs are optional marketing tools, we have some information to consider.

  • Address motorists. Monuments are the primary means of addressing drivers in search of your business. Since building numbers are sometimes not prominently displayed on facades, it can get confusing for motorists who are searching for addresses. Do not contribute to consumer frustration; instead, make your company’s name and address easy to see.
  • Become more visible. Hand in hand with the visibility comes the possibility to benefit from impulse buys and nearby foot traffic. Granted, some companies are more likely to see this happen than others, but if your name and company information is not out there and easy to see, you may never find out. Plenty of businesses – from retailers to service providers – have been contacted by consumers who saw their information while driving past the location.
  • Introduce or reinforce your brand. A brand display features a company’s name as well as its logo. Depending on the design of the monument, it also includes the corporate colors. There is never a wrong occasion to present this information to consumers. In fact, the consistent display of brand messages succeeds in getting the customer to act.

How to Buy Letters for Monument Signs in West Palm Beach FL

monument lettering in West Palm Beach FLWhen there is already a monument on the property, our graphic artists work with you to design a lettering package that stands out but still harmonizes with the approved appearance of the product. At the same time, we ensure that this display complements any building signage you have added to the façade. When you display secondary signage products such as flags, banners, A-frames, or you utilize the services of sign spinners, we make sure that there is a tie-in with the lettering’s appearance on these products, too.

Contact our graphic artists today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner we meet with you, the faster we can manufacture and install the lettering and logo components on the monument. And this, of course, gets you noticed that much quicker. (By the way, if you do not yet have a monument or are not sure you want to keep what is currently on your property, we can help you with that signage solution as well.)

monument lettering in West Palm Beach FL

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