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15 Feb 2016

Monument Sign Lettering for West Palm Beach FL

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Monument Sign Lettering West Palm Beach FLIt has been said that about half of your local shoppers select a business solely because of its outdoor signage’s effectiveness. Part and parcel of this experience is the monument sign. Although you might only think of it as the guidepost that helps motorists find the entrance to your parking lot, this product does a lot more – if it is in excellent repair. When its looks are no longer up to par, it is time to replace, refurbish or add new monument sign lettering for West Palm Beach, FL, locations.

How Does a Monument Sign Work?

Committing yourself to the investment of overhauling a monument is a lot easier when you know just how important this product is to your company. How does it work?

  • Reaches out to all consumers. Although some of your signs primarily target your chosen demographic, a monument reaches out to all local prospective customers. Because it is a local advertising tool, it positions your brand in the minds of neighbors.
  • More visible than any other ad. Whether you pay to have handbills printed and stuffed in neighbors’ mailboxes, or you take out an ad in the local circular, consider that these marketing products usually are tossed out. Your monument is visible around the clock, day and night, year after year.
  • Letters for Monument Signs West Palm Beach FLReinforces your message. Whatever branding and marketing messages you communicate with your building sign, window graphics, or posters, this product amplifies it and reinforces it in the mind of the consumer.

Keeping the Monument Looking Sharp

If you already have a monument but notice that it no longer looks pristine. It is time to have the sign refurbished. Our technicians gladly come out and clean, scour, repair and overhaul the structure until it looks like new again. Adding new lettering to the product is part of the service.

Putting up a New Monument

Replace Monument Sign Letters West Palm Beach FLWhen the sign is too far gone to be refurbished, we can replace it with a new product. In the alternative, if you have never had a monument sign in the first place, now is a great time to put one up. Whether you are in charge of a company that does business out of the location, or you are the manager of an office building or strip mall with multiple tenants, there is a product that is right for you. The latter might choose from pylons with tenant signage while the former may opt for a brick and mortar sign or perhaps a prefabricated foam product.

Lettering can take on the form of vinyl overlays for an acrylic board, acrylic or foam dimensional letters, metal lettering or similar products. When you are thinking about changing things up a bit and would like to mimic the look of your façade, consider the installation of channel lettering for the monument, too. Choose from lit or unlit monument sign letters for West Palm Beach, FL, business locations that cater to consumers during the day and evening hours. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on your project.

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