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9 Jul 2015

Next Up for Mandel JCC? Dimensional Letter Building Signs!

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Loyal readers of our blog remember the work we recently did for the Mandel Jewish Community Center of the Palm Beaches. At that time, the organization invited the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics to come out and refurbish their existing monument signage. After this task, the organization had still more for us to do. This time, the group needed dimensional letter building signs in Boynton Beach, FL.

Dimensional Letters Look Modern and Sleek

Acrylic dimensional letter building signs

We manufactured blue acrylic plaques with dimensional white letters to display the name and logo of the group. These plaques measure 52 inches by 36 inches. In addition, we created stand-alone dimensional letters that identify the North Tower as the “Edward & Thelma Glantz Early Childhood Learning Center” while they brand the South Tower simply as the “Mandel Jewish Community Center.” These letters are six inches in height and display a thickness of half an inch. The blue acrylic letters look great against the white backdrop.

Making Dimensional Letters Work for Your Building

Dimensional letters are an excellent signage solution for your building’s façade. They are usually good options when you do not need lit exterior signage. When you already have secondary light sources in place or simply do not need the wayfinding assistance after dark, this is a budget-friendly product that suits all types of businesses or organizations.

Exterior Building Signs Boynton Beach FL

For a truly dramatic display, consider the use of exterior-rated foam, which allows us to increase the thickness of the material. As a result, the look will be dramatic and three-dimensional. Illuminate it just right after dark, and you get a spectacular display of light and shadows. Foam is paintable. In addition, it is possible to add vinyl overlays as well as acrylic or metal laminate strips for further visual enhancement.

Metal is another good option. It is a favorite of companies in the financial sector as well as law firms. Install the letters on the façade or as part of a smaller signage display to the side of an entrance door. Acrylic is among the durable and most colorful options. It is ideal for all types of businesses and lasts for a long time. We can install the lettering flat to the wall or standing up on an overhang or ledge.

Choose Your Look Today

Contact our professionals today to learn more about the design, manufacture and installation of acrylic letter building signs for Boynton Beach, FL, venues. We welcome the opportunity to schedule a client consultation that allows us to visit your venue and take the measurements needed to give you professional advice on suitable letter heights and signage widths. We look over the artwork that you already have or work with your management team to create a new look from scratch.

You do not have to be a first-time business owner who is just starting out to sit down with us for this consultation. In fact, we frequently consult with business clients who are changing the way their exterior signage looks without actually re-branding. Perhaps the look of a lightbox cabinet is not as representative of your company as you had initially hoped. We can change the image of your business simply by designing a look that includes dimensional letters. Call us now to get started.

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