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23 May 2016

What Are Pan-Faced Signs?

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Have you ever looked up at a cabinet sign and noticed the 3D appearance of the company’s name or logo? Have you ever wondered how they did that? As a manufacturer of pan-faced signs in Wellington FL, we have the answers.

The Design Consultation

panfacedsign3We start with a design consultation. During this appointment, we discuss with the client the look that the completed sign will take on. We address three main objectives.

  1. Square or rounded edges? We can create box cabinets in the traditional square corner design or manufacture a rounded edge setup that is quickly increasing in popularity. This appearance gives the signage a somewhat softer look, which is ideal for businesses such as health care providers or tutoring centers.
  2. Installation location. Do you want us to mount the sign to your façade or on a pole? Another display opportunity is its incorporation into a monument sign.
  3. Lit or unlit? Appropriately called an electric cabinet, the sign offers illumination options. We install LEDs that light up after dark, which makes your colors and message stand out.

Optional Design Elements

pan-faced signs in Wellington FLWhen you choose a pan-faced front for your box cabinet, we vacuum-form the material to create a depth of one to two inches. It stands out from the perimeter of the cabinet’s frame. The product still covers the front of the box, but it now protrudes all around the edges. As a result, your customers see a three-dimensional appearance where previously there may have only been a flat surface.

You now have the option of ordering an imprinted vinyl overlay that spells out your company’s information, shows off your logo and displays any other taglines or professional affiliations you want your targeted demographic to see. The advantage of the overlay rests in the detailed print and color scheme changes we can incorporate. Another option is the process of back painting your information onto the material directly. Since the pan-faced design places the surface away from the LEDs, it does not create any hot spots that could affect paint.

Creating an Embossed Look

pan-faced signs in Wellington FLWhen you are ready to go for the gusto, we recommend an embossed pan face. By placing properly-spaced dies across the material’s surface, we can create your name with a stamped approach. Doing so adds a second layer of three-dimensional style elements to the sign’s appearance. Although many business owners like this setup when only displaying their names on the signs, it also looks excellent with a logo, trade graphic, or mascot. We recommend painting the material if you only choose to show off your lettering.

Durability Rounds out the Presentation

Clients who have bought pan-faced signs in Wellington FL, frequently worry about durability. In fact, the manufacturing processes involved in the creation of these markers strengthen the material rather than weakening it. You do not lose any useful life of this signage solution by going 3D. If you already have a box cabinet on your property but it still presents with a flat front, we can usually just refurbish the product instead of replacing it entirely. Doing so saves money and allows you to benefit from the contemporary look. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation.

pan-faced signs in Wellington FL

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