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21 Mar 2016

Restaurant Menu Boards in West Palm Beach FL

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Restaurant Menu Boards in West Palm BeachYour guests spend plenty of time gazing at your restaurant menu boards. In West Palm Beach, FL, savvy restaurateurs have begun using this signage solution to not just market their products but also to generate name recognition and to set the tone for the eatery’s overall atmosphere. Working with our graphic artists on the design of your new board(s) opens the door for a look that might just change the way your guests feel about you. What are your options?

Light Boxes are not Just for Building Signs any Longer

The light box cabinet is a familiar sight on the exterior of a building. This signage solution consists of an aluminum body and a polycarbonate facing. Vinyl overlays frequently add the graphics and lettering to the mix. It is now possible to bring this technology inside. In fact, you will notice that more and more restaurants now favor this approach. The built-in illumination and colorful design options significantly enhance the appearance of any eatery’s foyer area. Add to this the ease with which businesses can change the information, and it makes sense to consider this signage for your West Palm Beach bistro, bakery or restaurant.

Fully Customizable Traditional Boards for the Restaurant with an Inimitable Vibe

Menu Boards for Restaurants in West Palm Beach FLWhether you champion a rustic Italian appeal or prefer to bring out the traditional Parisian bakery feel of your setting, there is a material and setup style that meets you need. Material choices include brushed aluminum, corrugated plastic, acrylic, PVC or foam. The rigidity of the materials makes them suitable for hanging the boards from the ceiling, displaying them standing up near the entrance to your restaurant, or showing them off attached to the central wall portion of your foyer. Opt for vinyl lettering or choose other materials to present your message to the consumer. Shapes are also up to you. Go for the traditional rectangle or pick a surfboard for the beach style atmosphere.

Digital Screens Present the Cutting Edge of Menu Board Innovation

At this time, you see these screens mostly in the venues of fast food chains. The ease with which you can change the menu or pricing, highlight specific dishes, or draw attention to seasonal favorites is sure to endear it to other types of eateries as well. We recommend framing the digital screens in custom made settings for a look that marries the high-tech approach to your restaurant’s atmosphere. Another option is the idea of mounting them on brushed aluminum panels, which help underscore the tech aspect of the display.

Ordering Restaurant Menu Boards in West Palm Beach, FL

Types of Menu Boards West Palm Beach FLContact our professionals to discuss your next order of menu boards with the experts. We work with you to discover the right display height, size, shape and material combination that would emphasize your overall scenery. If you are in the midst of a rebranding project, we help you to adjust the look of your existing signage to follow suit. In fact, whether rebranding or not, many restaurateurs consider the menu board the one focal signage solution that sets the tone for other sign products inside the venue. We gladly work with you on the design of a suite that benefits the look and feel of your eatery. Contact us today to get started.

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