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21 Sep 2015

Sandblasted Signs for Historic Communities in West Palm Beach FL

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Sandblasted Signs for Historic Communities West Palm Beach FLWest Palm Beach is famous because of its historic neighborhoods. The Bel Air Historic District displays some architectural style elements of the Art Deco era as well as plantation features. Central Park area homes delight with bold colors while the El Cid venue is celebrated for its mission-style architecture. Business owners like to set up shop in these areas, but fitting in frequently calls for different signage. Sandblasted signs for historic communities in West Palm Beach, FL, are among the excellent options.

Understanding the Process

Sandblasting calls for precision. We start with a sign blank that can be either wood or high-density urethane. Next, we mask off the areas where you want the writing and graphics to stand out. Once this is done, we sandblast the sign blank. When finished, the material is eaten away in those areas where there was no masking. Our technicians then take the product and finish it by hand. It may be necessary to sand here and there to enhance the definition of the look. After cleaning the sign, we add primer and the paint you chose. A finishing coat seals in the color and protects it from fading.

Who Uses Sandblasted Signage?

Sandlbasted Signs for Shopping Districts West Palm BeachThis product type is ideal for retailers and service providers. Attorneys and accountants have already been known to opt for this signage type in an attempt to stand out from the competition. Physicians, too, like to use shingles made in this manner to imitate the old-world shingles that professionals would hang out in front of their offices.

The hospitality industry in particular has found that the display of sandblasted signs is ideal for branding their properties. Bed and Breakfast operators as well as owners of hostels and boutique hotels like to stand out by showing off markers that have a handcrafted quality. Yet did you know that you are not limited to just building signs with this product? In fact, some companies ask our technicians to create entire signage suites using this technology. We create way-finding products as well as room signs and safety markers.

Ordering Your Signage Today

Sandblasted Signs West Palm Beach FLWhen you are ready to commission sandblasted signs for historic communities in West Palm Beach, FL, the professionals at Stellar Signs & Graphics can help. We collaborate with your management team to create the kind of signage that perfectly identifies your business’ marketing and branding messages. It is a common misconception that you have to favor a whimsical approach to order this signage product. In fact, it is possible to create markers with high-tech appeal using sandblasting technology.

The style elements you select as well as the choice of raised images determine the overall look and feel of the sign. Consider also how to pair your marker with complementary products. Window posters, for example, do an excellent job at augmenting the message your building sign gives to the consumer. We design secondary signage to create a harmonious display that fits in well with the historic character of the neighborhood. In addition, we help you to think through your interior signage needs to maintain the expectation you have created with the building sign. Call us today to get started.

Sandblasted Signs for the Historic District West Palm Beach FL

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