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8 Jan 2016

Sandblasted Sign for Loco Joe’s Food Shack Shines in Port St. Lucie FL!

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Loco Joe’s Food Shack is the eatery that embraces the quintessential fun side of Port St. Lucie. Guests enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the varied menu that has a little something for everyone. When the restaurant’s owners decided to add signage that would highlight this good vibe, they contacted us for assistance. We had previously helped them with a sandblasted sign for their eatery the Thirsty Turtle Seagrill, also in St. Lucie.

Sandblasted Signs for Restaurants in Port St. Lucie, FL

Sandblasted Signs for Restaurants in Port St. Lucie FL

Sure, the owners could have chosen a box cabinet or dimensional letters, but they were looking for something much more unique that would exemplify the atmosphere on the inside. They asked us to create a product with a three-dimensional appeal and some color splashes. Lighting the product would not be necessary.

We designed a 42-inch by 66-inch single-sided shingle. It measures two inches in depth, which gives it a solid look. The material is high-density urethane (HDU), which is long lasting and will retain its great looks for years, if not decades. We sandblasted the material to show off the eatery’s name and logo as well as the border. Next, we painted the border and added UV-protected print to the logo and name.

Three-dimensional Effects Add Interest to Your Signage

Sandblasted Signs in Port St. Lucie FL

One of the main reasons for choosing a sandblasted look is the creation of a 3D display. In the case of Loco Joe’s Food Shack, the finish is smooth, and the colors pop with boldness. That said, you do have other options, too.

  • Adding an aged appearance. By creating a sign that seems to show wood grain ridges, it is possible to give a marker an aged appearance. This is an attractive display for bed & breakfast properties.
  • Choosing your material. HDU is an excellent choice. It is durable and impervious to insect or weather damage. Purists, on the other hand, prefer the use of wood. Although wood can eventually weather and may fall victim to insect damage, it presents with a chic appeal that is ideal for historic districts.
  • Getting attention. The look of bold colors catches the eye. In fact, the use of these hues is a hallmark of companies that select sandblasted signage. Combined with the 3D effect that makes your lettering and logo stand out, these products succeed in becoming highly effective building signs.
  • Enjoying versatility. While most business clients order this product for their building signage needs, you also have the option of turning it into a component of your monument sign or post-and-panel marker setup. Some companies have asked us to make directional signs using this technology. When relying on the sandblasting technique for interior and exterior signage, you create a consistent appearance that appeals to your clients or customers.

Discussing Your Signage Order with an Expert

Contact us to learn more about sandblasted signs for Port St. Lucie, FL, businesses and service providers. Whether you need a single-sided building sign or want to put together a signage suite using the sandblasting manufacturing method, we can help. Our graphic artists look forward to providing you with sketches that let you see your signage through the eyes of a first-time visitor to your property. Contact us today to get started on your order.

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