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24 Feb 2016

Wayfinding Signs You Need in Your West Palm Beach Facility

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ADA Wayfinding Sign West Palm Beach FLAre you in charge of managing a college, municipal facility or a hospital? Have you been given the responsibility of ordering the wayfinding signs? In West Palm Beach, FL, our sign shop presents management teams and administrators with a broad range of options.

ADA Signage

The must-have signs that you cannot do without are those stipulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This piece of legislation outlines what businesses are affected by the Act and which signage types you must display. Moreover, the law states how they should be manufactured and where they need to be installed. Of all the wayfinding signage products, these cause the most confusion.

Our experts take the guesswork out of ADA signage. We understand the contrast requirements, mounting heights, and location standards, as well as the font styles that are acceptable in this situation. At the same time, we know how to customize these displays so that they perfectly suit your interior décor and fit in with your branding messages. Examples include suite signs and those markers that point toward conference rooms, lobbies and similar venues.

Wayfinding Directory Signs West Palm Beach FLPermanent Wayfinding Signage You Cannot do Without

How can you help visitors, clients or guests at your site to find their ways around with a minimum of third-party assistance? For starters, consider the installation of wall-mounted directories near elevators and stairs. List the names of businesses, individuals or departments in alphabetical order; some business clients like the idea of posting two directories with the second one showing the same information but this time in suite or room number order.

Displaying directional signage with blades is another excellent method of helping folks find their ways around. Consider ceiling-mounted or wall-installed products. For the wall, we suggest perpendicular setups with double-sided displays. Floor and wall graphics are excellent options for locations where young children need assistance with wayfinding; this might be the case for preschools or kindergarten settings. On the outside, you have the opportunity to help visitors find the right location with post and panel signage. Warehouse settings usually rely on this product type to direct deliveries, product pick-ups and those searching for the office.

Wayfinding Signs for West Palm Beach FLTemporary Wayfinding Signs for West Palm Beach, FL, Facilities

When you are hosting meetings, workshops, trade shows or other events at your venue, temporary wayfinding products supplement the markers that you already have in place. For example, hospitals frequently host support groups, one-day seminars, and similar programs. During this time, A-frame signs direct those searching for the allocated rooms. Include your branding message on even the temporary sign products, which facilitates name recognition as well as product awareness in those at your location.

Other temporary signage solutions include hanging banners, retractable banner stands, flags, and pylons. The latter are instrumental in settings where you are hosting a seminar that involves interior and outdoor venues.

Getting Professional Input

If all this sounds confusing, do not worry! Contact our graphic artists for a consultation. We gladly visit your facility and take a full inventory of the signage you already have as well as of those signs that you still need. Whether you are starting from scratch, overhauling an old signage setup or purchasing supplementary signage for an addition to the facility, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

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